Be Aware of the Risks That Come with Water Fun

Drowning can happen anytime kiddos are in or around water, so it’s important to identify the dangers and mitigate the risks.

Risk is hiding where you least expect it!  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 65% off all preschooler drownings occur in the child’s home pool.  Also, 70% of all preschoolers who drown are in the care of one or both parents at the time of drowning.  Consider the dangers when your children are around any type of water: rivers, lakes, oceans, water parks, and neighborhood pools.

Who’s watching the water?  Being close to your children isn’t enough.  You need to know who’s watching the kiddos at all times and, most importantly, who’s watching the water!  Even if there is a lifeguard on duty you must always keep your eyes on your kiddos.

It’s important that parents ask as many questions as possible when assessing the risks of any swimming or water activity.  Ask these questions before you allow your kiddos to go swimming:

  1. How many kids will be there?
  2. How many adults will be there?
  3. Who will be supervising? (Lifeguard and a Water Watcher?)
  4. What’s the temperature of the water?
  5. How strong are my child’s swim skills?
  6. Are there any possible hazards seen or unseen in the water?

Ensure your kiddos know how to swim.  Making sure your children learn how to swim is the best defense to ensure their safety around water.  In swim lessons, children learn lifesaving safety techniques and are developed into confident, lifelong swimmers.


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Swim Lessons Reduce Drowning Risk by 88%

With school in session and many pools still closed for the season, it’s easy to forget the important role that swimming plays in the lives of kiddos. At a constant 90 degrees, the water at Love to Swim and Tumble School is warm and inviting, 365 days a year. Why wait until summer time to dive in? Now is the perfect time to invest in your child’s aquatic education and prepare for summer swimming.

It’s Never Too Early

According to the Centers for disease control and Prevention, children ages one to four who take swim lessons are 88% less likely to drown. Even small amounts of water in bathtubs and buckets can be drowning hazards for infants and toddlers. So it’s imperative that kiddos become familiar with water safety from a young age.

Early exposure to swimming lessons help little ones develop a healthy respect for the water and the skills that make them safer in and around it. In other words, the sooner kiddos start learning, the safer they can be.

Love to Swim and Tumble School offers Baby & Me swim lessons for babies as young as 6 months old. We also offer free Baby Splash classes for parents of babies as young as four weeks old.

Water Safety Isn’t Seasonal

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1-4. That makes water safety a year-round concern. This is especially true in our warm climate in South Texas, where recreational swimming is possible nearly eight months out of the year.

Uncovered pools, drainage ditches, creeks and other outdoor sites of water accumulation can pose a year- round threat to kiddos, especially with the incidents of heavy rain our area is prone to receiving. Consistent swim lessons are the perfect way to establish life-saving habits and reinforce the importance of water safety in your little ones.

Swimming is More than a Hobby

Swimming is an important life skill and drowning prevention should be a priority for everyone. As kids grow, so do the number of activities in a family’s busy schedule. Sports and extra-curricular activities enrich the body and mind, but it’s important to point out that swim lessons can provide the benefits of sports activities as well as save a life.

Love to Swim and Tumble School makes it easy to fit swimming into your schedule with convenient weekday and weekend hours, after school lessons, multiple locations and Love to Learn Preschool.

Formal Lessons Get Results

You’ll be amazed at how fast your kiddos progress with regular lessons. A consistent swim program provides a strong foundation for advancement and ensures that children retain what they learn. And who knows? That foundation could someday save the life of your child or someone else’s child!

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Smart Parents Avoid These 4 Common Swim Mistakes

Summer is going to be here before you know it.  As the weather continues to get warmer, especially in South Texas, you and your kiddos will want to swim!  The question is what skills should you encourage your swimmer to practice and what skills should you discourage? There is so much information out there it can be hard to decide where to focus your efforts.  For sure, there are some myths that put your swimmers at risk. Check out these 4 common mistakes that smart swim parents avoid.

  1. Relying on floaties
    • Beware of the life-jacket/floaties bicycle kick. These flotation devices encourage a vertical body position in the water. Kiddos get results from bicycling their legs in this position when they have the floaties on. Take the floaty away, and you have an active drown victim who cannot propel themselves forward because their kick is underneath them and not propulsive.
  1. Underestimating the necessity of propulsive kicks
    • Body position in the water should be horizontal. This can be challenging but must be encouraged to develop core strength and propulsive movement.
    • The flutter kick is a swimmer’s motor. You want it strong and consistent.
    • Kicks should be at the surface and from the hip, not the knee.
    • Encourage loose ankles and straight, but not rigid, legs.
  1. Failure to practice back floating
    • Back floating is a lifesaving skill. This is the resting place for tired swimmers.
    • Back floating is one of the most overlooked skills in recreational swimming.
    • Practice a deep head position with the water at the corners of the eyes and the entire head of hair submerged.
  1. Encouraging breath holding instead of air exchange
    • Breath holding is fatiguing. Real swimmers blow bubbles.
    • Releasing air underwater creates space to take new air into the lungs quickly. Ultimately, this exchange should become a habit.
    • Exhaling through the nose is the best! This is accomplished through a simple hum. Do this and water will not go up the nose!

Requiring a horizontal body position with a strong, straight legged flutter kick at the surface of the water, spending time practicing floating on the back and habitualizing the underwater air exchange will play a huge role in your swimmer’s comfort and capabilities in the water.

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Perseverance in Pursuit of Swim Skills Pays Off Big!

Happy New Year!  Put strong swim skills at the top of your resolution list.  Check out this awesome success story from one of our parents who did just that.

“When we first started at Love to Swim and Tumble School in November of 2014, Brody was a year and a half and he was in a Baby and Me swim class.  He was hesitant at first, but he ended up loving the class! Every week he looked forward to swimming and he was doing great.  Then all of a sudden he stopped wanting to do anything in class. Even though he would cry sometimes, we stayed in lessons.  He was doing awesome with his skills and soon he rang the bell.  He moved up to Baby and Me 2 in April of 2015.

Brody was almost two when we moved up to Baby and Me 2.  Once we were in Baby and Me 2 he refused to go underwater, and would cling onto me or the coach. He didn’t want to go on the slide, which used to be his favorite thing. I thought about pulling him out of classes because he didn’t want to be there. I talked to his coach and some of the other staff members and they convinced me to keep him in.  “Persevere,” they said, “you won’t regret it.”  I kept him in the class, but things just kept getting worse. Brody was a little over two and a half. I talked to the coach again about taking him out, and she suggested a 3 year old class because the issue might be me in the water, so I decided to try it out.

When he was in the 3 year old class, he was having trouble with putting his face in the water. I was persistent and he slowly started to enjoy coming to swim class. In February, he rang the bell for preschool 1 and in April he rang for Preschool 2. By this time he loved coming to swim with Coach Jackie! He was doing great in class! He moved out of the 3 year old class and into a regular Preschool level class. He had a hard time with his kicks in Preschool 3, but we practiced every time we were in the water! Now, Brody’s favorite thing to do was go swimming.

In September he rang the bell for Preschool 3! I was so excited to see him grow and learn so much in a year. On December 15, 2016 he rang the bell for Preschool 4 and is now is in Preschool 5! If anyone would’ve told me a year ago that he would be where he is now, I would’ve said they were crazy. Brody is three years old in a Preschool 5 class and loves swimming!  I’m so glad I persevered and kept his swimming consistent.” – S. Blose

We are so proud of this mom for understanding the importance of swim lessons. Way to go!  She knew she couldn’t give up, especially for her son.  In Texas, males account for 80% of drowning victims and she didn’t want her child to be a part of this statistic.  This mommy knew she had to try different options to best suit her child, even if that meant getting out of the water with him.  Through perseverance and determination, she was able to watch her child go from comfort, to safety, to confidence, to love.

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Top 10 Survey Responses About Our Coaches!

Once a week, we send a survey to our families asking about their most recent experience at Love to Swim School.  Surveys are one of the ways we receive feedback about our program and our staff.  Because of your responses, we wanted to do something special for our coaches this year.  It was difficult choosing just ten, but we put together a Top 10 list of all of the amazing testimonials our coaches received this year.  We are sharing this with our staff and we also wanted to share it with you!  We love our coaches and so do you!

10. This school is amazing! Thank you for everything. My son loves his swim class and coach Don!

9. Kaitlyn is an amazing coach and my daughter loves her… she has done an amazing job and I’ve been impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff!

8. I really love the approach used to teach my 15 month old. As a preschool owner I’m impressed. LOVE Coach Taylor’s gentleness and willingness to reteach. Thank y’all so much!!

7. I can’t say enough about Coach Marlene, Coach Jenny, Coach Carly & Coach Tristen. My daughter absolutely adores them and looks forward to her swimming & tumbling classes every week. All of the staff is wonderful with children and always say Hi. Love the staff at Schertz. Thank You for being wonderful!!

6. We would recommend Love to Swim School to our friends because they are consistent and caring. Our son had a bad experience at a different swim school. After his FIRST lesson with Coach Leslie he didn’t even want to come home. He loved it so much. Everyone who he comes in contact with motivates him and encourages him. That means a lot.

5. Sonny is an amazing coach with lots of patience and great skills with kids in the pool. I also love that I get to watch my kid learn and grow as a swimmer. Seriously Sonny is awesome!

4. Mathix has had a wonderful experience. Tristen is an excellent coach and is able to communicate very effectively with our little toddler. It is amazing how much he has learned and the credit goes to the qualifications of the coaches and the tools used to help develop your students. It’s such a wonderful environment for learning.

3. Our swim coach (Ashelli) was so on the ball and professional. Our son trusted her completely in the water and made great progress.

2. We love the program, the staff & the coaches! Our daughter enjoys the pool and we feel confident that her water safety skills and swimming skills will follow her throughout the years. Coach Don is wonderful with her and she’s always happy to see him in class!

And our number 1 survey response about our coaches is:

1.  As a parent, I enjoy my interactions with the staff and instructors whenever I walk through the door of the Stone Oak location. Zoe loves going to her lessons as well as camp. She especially loves her coach Megan. This was confirmed by her recently inviting all of the staff/instructors to her birthday party (Zoe asked me to make them an invitation and I did).

Woo-hoo! That is some awesome praise for our very special team! Thank you Love to Swim School families for your kind and generous responses! I know our staffers cherish them.

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All I Want For Christmas? Swim Lessons!

Holy cow! The holidays are fast approaching. As always, the holiday season brings fun, festivities and presents! Yay! Do you have your gift list ready? Do you have swim lessons on it? As a parent or grandparent, you want to give a gift that will be talked about forever.  We have just the thing! What is better than the gift of swimming?  Swim lessons will provide the knowledge and skills to be safer in and around water FOREVER!  Give a gift of experience and memories this year.  There are so many benefits in learning how to swim, and it is the best gift to give any child this holiday season!

The Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

As a parent, your first thought when it comes to your child’s life is their safety.  In a study by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health, it states that “participation in formal swim lessons was associated with an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning in the 1 to 4 year old children.”  Wow! Providing your child with this important life skill can save their life one day. That peace of mind is worth far more than the cost of the lessons. 

Provide a Fun Outlet Year Round

One of the great things about being a year round swim school is being able to swim in the warm 90 degree pools even when it’s cold outside.  In a lesson that meets once a week for 30 minutes, (how easy is that to fit into your schedule?) your child will benefit from the same water safety fun consistently.  Attending regular swim lessons makes a swimmer. It’s proven! Plus, this awesome outlet keeps your child active. That is so much better than inside in front of a screen all day during the colder months. 

Give Yourself and Your Child a Legacy to be Proud Of

Did you know the average person makes 2,000 decisions per day?  Let’s face it, parents may even make more than that.  At least we can make one decision easy.  Your child’s swim lesson should be the easiest decision you have to make.  Swimming well is a skill that pays off for a life time and opens doors to a multitude of activities that they might otherwise sit out of. As a parent, I want to open doors for my kiddo and set them up for success no matter what they encounter. Being able to swim well does that for them. That’s an investment and a legacy you can be proud of and so can they.

Improve Self-Confidence and Social Skills

Children learn to be confident in their capabilities by doing hard things. Think about it. Every time you take on a challenge and conquer it, it sets you up for the next harder goal. That is the same for your kiddos. Gaining new knowledge, setting goals and accomplishing goals are major life success practices.  Everything that they learn in their swim lessons will provide them a great foundation for school and life. 

Seriously. What other gift gives you this type of return on your investment? The gift of swimming is priceless.  We even make easy by offering gift cards in any amount at all three of our locations. Give the gift of swimming this holiday season and choose love!

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5 Reasons Why Our Families Swim Year Round (And Yours Should, Too!)

Happy Fall! We love the cooler weather, but as you know, with cooler weather comes the closure of neighborhood pools and water parks. Boo. Summer fun is over. Or is it?

One of the best things about having indoor heated pools is that swimming doesn’t have to stop. Just look in our pools. Hundreds of kids continue their aquatic education through the colder months every day. That’s because summer never ends inside our toasty warm pool rooms. These swimmers and their parents understand how important it is to stay involved with learning how to swim. And we agree! We love our year-round family’s commitment so much so that we reward them with membership in our Choose Love Loyalty Club. Swimming year round is so important to our mission of creating happy, confident, masterful, lifelong swimmers that it is only right to highlight our family’s commitment to our mission by giving them perks and appreciation through this club.

Swimming is the best, most worthwhile activity for children. No, really. There is no other sport that can save your child’s life or the life of someone else. Learning to swim “masterfully” means an investment now that pays off over a lifetime. The actual cost of classes turns into just pennies over time when you think of how long the skill of swimming well will serve and enrich your student’s life. Soccer doesn’t do that!

The school year has started, fall sports are resuming, and there are a lot of changes happening this time of year.  Swimming year round provides your child with a consistent outlet.  Swimming becomes something that is familiar for them and something they can look forward to. There may be other fall sports right now, but swimming is the only lifesaving sport!  Knowing how to swim well is an asset that will benefit your children for the rest of their life.
Here’s what our families say when we asked why they make swim lessons a priority year-round:


The ability to swim 300 yards nonstop dramatically lowers the possibility of drowning. Every parent wants their child to be safe, especially around water.  Although no child is ever drown-proof, swim lessons provide children with the skills to keep them safer in and around water.

2. Confidence

Setting and accomplishing goals helps kiddos develop an “I can” attitude. Confidence is a fundamental skill while learning to swim. When a child gains confidence in the pool, they continue to want to keep learning more and more. When a child has confidence in her abilities, she is more willing to try new, harder things. This sets them up for overcoming challenges in the classroom, on the playground and in social situations. How awesome is that? And truly, watching a child learn is an amazing, fun, rewarding thing for every family.

3. Discipline

Swimmers learn self-discipline, work ethic, commitment, goal setting, and how to overcome challenges. Some skills are hard and takes time for a child to master them.  Your swimmer will learn through practice and self-discipline. Your role is to support them through plateaus and celebrate with them in breakthroughs.

4. Social Skills

Through swim lessons, children learn how to interact with other children and to be a part of a class or team. Your child’s social skills will increase by learning to take turns, be patient, and respecting others all while forming strong relationships. They also learn how to celebrate the success of another and are positively challenged by the skill sets of their peers.

5. Physical Fitness

Swimming increases endurance, builds muscle strength, soothes the mind, regulates breathing and stimulates circulation. It is a wholesome activity that can be enjoyed year-round. Plus, it is so much better than sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, or being rained on in a field.

At Love to Swim School, swimmers have fun, parents see results, and coaches get to do what they love.  Everybody wins! To get kiddos to love the water, they need comfort first. Then from comfort they are ready to become safer. With swim skills that help them become safer in the water, they gain confidence. Being a confident swimmer leads to a love of swimming. What a gift that is for both parent and child. For you: peace of mind. For them: a gift for life.

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