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How is Love to Swim School Different? Our Coaches!

It’s a simple fact: when you love what you do, you do a great job.  Our loving coaches are essential to a positive learning experience.  Coaching the Love to Swim School way is based on our technique driven, goal-oriented curriculum.  But it takes more than technical proficiency to become a coach.  It takes enthusiasm, commitment, and most importantly, love.

Our coaches stand above the rest because of all the work our team puts into their training.   We train classroom management, lesson planning, organization, and customer service.  All coaches study principles of teaching using demonstration, lecture, and practice or repetition.  Coaches are taught to educate, motivate and communicate to your swimmer by “shadowing” classes, observing class demonstrations, working with other coaches, and taking our online training courses.

Coaches are doing what they love and it shows by the relationships they build with your child.  Seeing your swimmer each week deepens this relationship and they learn what your child needs in order to progress.  We strive for a fun and loving learning environment!

Most importantly, coaches are taught the basics of childhood development.  A child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development is key to their ability to understand and internalize what they are learning.  With a clear understanding of the basic stages of childhood development, we have found that coaches are more effective and teach children to swim in a fun, relaxed way emphasizing comfort, safety and confidence.

Being a Love to Swim School coach requires tremendous time and effort.  Only the best, most committed coaches make it through the entire process and become a member of Team Love.


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Top 10 Survey Responses About Our Coaches!

Once a week, we send a survey to our families asking about their most recent experience at Love to Swim School.  Surveys are one of the ways we receive feedback about our program and our staff.  Because of your responses, we wanted to do something special for our coaches this year.  It was difficult choosing just ten, but we put together a Top 10 list of all of the amazing testimonials our coaches received this year.  We are sharing this with our staff and we also wanted to share it with you!  We love our coaches and so do you!

10. This school is amazing! Thank you for everything. My son loves his swim class and coach Don!

9. Kaitlyn is an amazing coach and my daughter loves her… she has done an amazing job and I’ve been impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff!

8. I really love the approach used to teach my 15 month old. As a preschool owner I’m impressed. LOVE Coach Taylor’s gentleness and willingness to reteach. Thank y’all so much!!

7. I can’t say enough about Coach Marlene, Coach Jenny, Coach Carly & Coach Tristen. My daughter absolutely adores them and looks forward to her swimming & tumbling classes every week. All of the staff is wonderful with children and always say Hi. Love the staff at Schertz. Thank You for being wonderful!!

6. We would recommend Love to Swim School to our friends because they are consistent and caring. Our son had a bad experience at a different swim school. After his FIRST lesson with Coach Leslie he didn’t even want to come home. He loved it so much. Everyone who he comes in contact with motivates him and encourages him. That means a lot.

5. Sonny is an amazing coach with lots of patience and great skills with kids in the pool. I also love that I get to watch my kid learn and grow as a swimmer. Seriously Sonny is awesome!

4. Mathix has had a wonderful experience. Tristen is an excellent coach and is able to communicate very effectively with our little toddler. It is amazing how much he has learned and the credit goes to the qualifications of the coaches and the tools used to help develop your students. It’s such a wonderful environment for learning.

3. Our swim coach (Ashelli) was so on the ball and professional. Our son trusted her completely in the water and made great progress.

2. We love the program, the staff & the coaches! Our daughter enjoys the pool and we feel confident that her water safety skills and swimming skills will follow her throughout the years. Coach Don is wonderful with her and she’s always happy to see him in class!

And our number 1 survey response about our coaches is:

1.  As a parent, I enjoy my interactions with the staff and instructors whenever I walk through the door of the Stone Oak location. Zoe loves going to her lessons as well as camp. She especially loves her coach Megan. This was confirmed by her recently inviting all of the staff/instructors to her birthday party (Zoe asked me to make them an invitation and I did).

Woo-hoo! That is some awesome praise for our very special team! Thank you Love to Swim School families for your kind and generous responses! I know our staffers cherish them.

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Learning to Swim Pays Off

Open Doors for Your Kiddos
So many families choose to swim year round, and I think they are super smart to make this investment in their children’s life skills. No one ever grows up and regrets being a good swimmer. In fact, having great swimming skills opens up so many options in life!

Being able to swim well means more job opportunities, more recreation and fitness options, more adventure and fun during travel, and more confidence in social situations around water. I have seen weak, fearful beginner swimmers start our lesson program in the fall and by summer they have the confidence and skill set to jump or fall into any body of water, rise to the surface and sustain a 10-second back float. What parent wouldn’t want their child to know this life-saving skill?

There’s no regret in investing in learning to swim. Remember, to swim well is an asset for life. Great swimming skills, practiced and honed year round become ingrained, and that’s a habit you can take to the bank!

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My Why

I have thought a lot lately about my “Why”. I recently finished a book called Start With Why by Simon Sinek. It helped me reconnect with why I started my business in the first place and why I continue to work on it now.

We exist to serve children. We believe that what we do makes a profound difference in the world. We want to work for and with fellow believers in our purpose. Every week I receive some form of testimonial that reinvigorates my resolve in continuing to hire great people and develop a great school.

Here is what I got yesterday:

  1. In writing: “Love to swim… a testament to the absolute love and joy that we see on our daughters face while she is swimming. Your school, filled with coaches that are both nurturing and encouraging, has fostered a love for swimming in our daughter that is immeasurable. A once timid and cautious little girl around/in water has now blossomed into a confident and proficient swimmer. Your patience and gentle guidance has given my daughter a gift that will last her a lifetime. We are indebted and are very grateful to you. Thank you.” -Azaniah’s Family
  2. Personally: “Are you the owner? I just want to tell you what a wonderful place you have. The children are so lucky. It is clear that everyone truly cares for the kids. I really appreciated your article about your son, too. My son is on the spectrum for autism and your staff has been exceptional in working with him. Thank you so much.”

Remember that what we each do makes a difference for someone. Make your mark. You are a hero. Every day.

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Choose Love

Love Team, Team Love, either way it is all good. Both words are critically important to Love to Swim—Love and Team. A couple of weeks ago a friend posted an article about how every business should have a mantra.  A mantra is defined as:

  1. A word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.
  2. A statement that is frequently repeated; a characteristic formula or refrain.

So I got to thinking about our company mantra and what it is and what it should be and I believe it is Choose Love. If we apply this to our decisions, our actions, our behaviors, our relationships—this list goes on and on—we can’t help but be successful. We change lives and improve lives. We nurture trust and confidence—in our students, in our parents and in each other. We are people builders—we build them up and make them better. And in turn, they make us better.

Choose love, people. It IS what makes the world go round.
Make it a great week.




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See What Love Can Do!

Last week, I had two awesome experiences that I wanted to share with you.

First, there was a mommy in the gym with her toddler taking advantage of Open Gym. She said, “Are you Mary?” and then preceded to tell me how great our school was, how much she loved the programs, how the people on our team made her feel welcome and comfortable every time she came in. She felt like the gym program was a great value and gave us some advice on who she thought we should market to. Her warmth and passion for our place, our team, our efforts was very moving. And unsolicited! Awesome!

The next day, another mother approached me and asked again, “Are you Mary?”. This time the woman let me know that she was a fellow Chicagoan, and that she wanted me to know how grateful she was for our school. Her daughter is a perfectionist and struggles a lot with change and self-esteem. She said she thinks about me all the time (whoa) and that she has sat down to email me several times, but she could never figure out exactly what it was she wanted to say. Every month she prays to have the money to afford our lessons and every month, somehow, God provides. She loves the way the team of people who work at Love to Swim make her feel welcome and comfortable. There were tears in her eyes as she went on about her love for our staff, our program, our facility. And, naturally, there were tears in mine as well. Again, unsolicited!

Now, what is my point? We really have no idea of the impact our every  day movement through the world has. Just let that sink in. These women went out of there way to give me the feedback they did.

See what love can do?


PS—one kind of freaky detail—both moms were named Melissa and both kiddos were named Grace. Whoa.

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Are You Doing Your Very Best?

It is not enough to aim, you must hit.” Unknown

I have to admit, I am a little type A. This is what Wiki says about it:

Type A
The theory describes a Type A individual as ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status conscious, can be sensitive, care for other people, are truthful, impatient, always try to help others, take on more than they can handle, want other people to get to the point, proactive, and obsessed with time management. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving “workaholics” who multi-task, push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence.

I wasn’t always this way. There is truth to the theory that the environment influences the child. My parents always taught me to be the “best”. Phrases like “Go for the best”, “Be the best you can be”, “Always do your best” were a constant during my childhood. But one question my Dad would ask me when I showed him my report card has stayed with me my whole life. He would ask, every time without fail, “Is this the best you could do?”. Now it didn’t matter what was on my report card—in fact there were times when the grades were very good. He would still ask that question. And asking that question would force me to ask myself—“Well, was it the best I could do?”

This mindset has followed me my whole life. I focus on getting better and doing my best daily. I have to say, it really makes me mad that my dad died before he got to see what has been accomplished as a result of that one NAGGING question, but that is subject for a different day.

I have a text alert on my phone that is Yoda saying “Do or Do not. There is no try.” Why is this significant? Because to “try” is to accept the possibility of failure or half commit to the goal. It is about intention. You either commit to “doing” or you “do” not.  Sometimes “doing” takes days, weeks, even years, but the intention and commitment to achieving is solid. An example is getting a college degree or a driver’s license. For many, these are goals that are unquestionable. They will be achieved. These are simple examples, but you get it. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte committed to their Olympic experience. Ryan set his goal to beat Michael Phelps. It wasn’t to “try”. It was to “do”. And he left nothing to chance in the pursuit of that goal.

Take a look at this clip from the movie Facing the Giants and let me know what you think. And ask yourself, are you doing your very best?

Make it a great week.

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