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Can Floaties Be Dangerous?

Floaties have been worn for safety by kiddos at the beach and at the pool for generations. Unfortunately, many parents don’t realize that floaties aren’t as reliable as they think.

Many swimming instructors agree, floaties are a danger for several different reasons. One being that the armbands make children used to being vertical in the water. This is one of the obstacles to learning how to swim. Armbands can also slip off unexpectedly, leading the child to be discouraged, or injured at worst.

Another drawback to floaties is that they promote a false sense of security. Children can LTS 2016 Schertz-5510often be seen leaping into water, relying entirely on the floaties to help bob them back up to the surface. The child learns to rely on the armbands to come back up rather than learning to use their own buoyancy to rise to the surface. In addition, floaties encourage children to learn improper swimming techniques; this can set your child back in their development in becoming a strong swimmer.

Parents do have some helpful alternatives to keep the little ones safe in the long-run. Swimming lessons are a key to a child’s safety around water. Most swim schools offer classes from infant swimming up to classes for any age group. These lessons not only teach swimming but can boost confidence and a healthy lifestyle in the long-term. Teaching your child the proper way to swim, and leaving the floaties at home, will give you peace of mind knowing your child has the tools to become a safer swimmer.

For more information about the benefits of children’s swimming lessons, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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