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What to Expect on Your First Day of Swimming Lessons

If your first class at Love to Swim School is quickly approaching, you might have a lot questions and thinking about the “what if’s” of your child’s first day of swimming lessons.

This is completely normal! Most parents experience some level of uncertainty. We are here for you every step of the way. Together, we teach your child how to swim safely and comfortably. Here’s an overview of what both of you can expect on the first day.

Plan for Success

When you bring your child to swimming lessons for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming for both of you. New people, new surroundings, and new challenges can all contribute to these jitters. This is why it’s really important to remember the small details that can make your child feel comforted and secure. It’s a good idea to arrive about 10 minutes early for your first class so you aren’t rushing around and have time to get pool-ready. This means a swimsuit for your child, and if you are in a Splash Class or Baby and Me Class, don’t forget a swimsuit for you too. If your little one is under 4, regardless of level of potty training, they must wear two reusable, cloth, snug fitting swim diapers.

Bring a towel that your child is familiar with to dry them off after class is over. Also, pack your bag with a change of dry clothes for each of you after class ends. These familiar items from home can help soothe your baby or toddler, and make them feel more comfortable about being in a new setting.

The Power of Healthy Snacks

You’ve probably heard the longstanding advice that swimming on a full stomach isn’t a good idea. And while it’s true that you don’t want your child to eat a full meal directly before coming to class, they don’t have to avoid food altogether. If your baby is still only having liquids, you can feel free to top them off with a little milk a half hour or so before class. If your kiddo is older, try bringing a small, light snack, like an apple or string cheese thT they can eat 15 to 30 minutes before heading to the pool.

This will give them the energy boost they need to be a happy swimmer. Also make sure you have water and a healthy snack or two on hand to enjoy directly after they’re done with their lesson. If you forget a snack, don’t worry! We have healthy foods for sale in our Treasure Chest store.

Supporting Your Child

You may be wondering how to support your child if they struggle in class. Some kiddos may be scared of putting their heads underwater or of being in the pool without their parent for the first time (if they’re 3 or older). Try to understand their fears and always remain encouraging. Also, try to stay consistent with lessons, despite the occasional protests you might face, and you should see a positive change in attitude quickly! A little understanding and positive reinforcement goes a long way!

If you’ve been searching online for “swimming lessons near me,” we’re really glad you found us. We’d like to welcome you and your children, and look forward to seeing you at Love to Swim School for your first day of classes. Most importantly, we are here to teach your child water safety and ensure their comfort and confidence in the water. If you have any questions about our school or about your first class, please contact us anytime.

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