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Be Aware of the Risks That Come with Water Fun

Drowning can happen anytime kiddos are in or around water, so it’s important to identify the dangers and mitigate the risks.

Risk is hiding where you least expect it!  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 65% off all preschooler drownings occur in the child’s home pool.  Also, 70% of all preschoolers who drown are in the care of one or both parents at the time of drowning.  Consider the dangers when your children are around any type of water: rivers, lakes, oceans, water parks, and neighborhood pools.

Who’s watching the water?  Being close to your children isn’t enough.  You need to know who’s watching the kiddos at all times and, most importantly, who’s watching the water!  Even if there is a lifeguard on duty you must always keep your eyes on your kiddos.

It’s important that parents ask as many questions as possible when assessing the risks of any swimming or water activity.  Ask these questions before you allow your kiddos to go swimming:

  1. How many kids will be there?
  2. How many adults will be there?
  3. Who will be supervising? (Lifeguard and a Water Watcher?)
  4. What’s the temperature of the water?
  5. How strong are my child’s swim skills?
  6. Are there any possible hazards seen or unseen in the water?

Ensure your kiddos know how to swim.  Making sure your children learn how to swim is the best defense to ensure their safety around water.  In swim lessons, children learn lifesaving safety techniques and are developed into confident, lifelong swimmers.

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