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Swim Lessons Reduce Drowning Risk by 88%

With school in session and many pools still closed for the season, it’s easy to forget the important role that swimming plays in the lives of kiddos. At a constant 90 degrees, the water at Love to Swim and Tumble School is warm and inviting, 365 days a year. Why wait until summer time to dive in? Now is the perfect time to invest in your child’s aquatic education and prepare for summer swimming.

It’s Never Too Early

According to the Centers for disease control and Prevention, children ages one to four who take swim lessons are 88% less likely to drown. Even small amounts of water in bathtubs and buckets can be drowning hazards for infants and toddlers. So it’s imperative that kiddos become familiar with water safety from a young age.

Early exposure to swimming lessons help little ones develop a healthy respect for the water and the skills that make them safer in and around it. In other words, the sooner kiddos start learning, the safer they can be.

Love to Swim and Tumble School offers Baby & Me swim lessons for babies as young as 6 months old. We also offer free Baby Splash classes for parents of babies as young as four weeks old.

Water Safety Isn’t Seasonal

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1-4. That makes water safety a year-round concern. This is especially true in our warm climate in South Texas, where recreational swimming is possible nearly eight months out of the year.

Uncovered pools, drainage ditches, creeks and other outdoor sites of water accumulation can pose a year- round threat to kiddos, especially with the incidents of heavy rain our area is prone to receiving. Consistent swim lessons are the perfect way to establish life-saving habits and reinforce the importance of water safety in your little ones.

Swimming is More than a Hobby

Swimming is an important life skill and drowning prevention should be a priority for everyone. As kids grow, so do the number of activities in a family’s busy schedule. Sports and extra-curricular activities enrich the body and mind, but it’s important to point out that swim lessons can provide the benefits of sports activities as well as save a life.

Love to Swim and Tumble School makes it easy to fit swimming into your schedule with convenient weekday and weekend hours, after school lessons, multiple locations and Love to Learn Preschool.

Formal Lessons Get Results

You’ll be amazed at how fast your kiddos progress with regular lessons. A consistent swim program provides a strong foundation for advancement and ensures that children retain what they learn. And who knows? That foundation could someday save the life of your child or someone else’s child!

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