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5 Reasons Why Our Families Swim Year Round (And Yours Should, Too!)

Happy Fall! We love the cooler weather, but as you know, with cooler weather comes the closure of neighborhood pools and water parks. Boo. Summer fun is over. Or is it?

One of the best things about having indoor heated pools is that swimming doesn’t have to stop. Just look in our pools. Hundreds of kids continue their aquatic education through the colder months every day. That’s because summer never ends inside our toasty warm pool rooms. These swimmers and their parents understand how important it is to stay involved with learning how to swim. And we agree! We love our year-round family’s commitment so much so that we reward them with membership in our Choose Love Loyalty Club. Swimming year round is so important to our mission of creating happy, confident, masterful, lifelong swimmers that it is only right to highlight our family’s commitment to our mission by giving them perks and appreciation through this club.

Swimming is the best, most worthwhile activity for children. No, really. There is no other sport that can save your child’s life or the life of someone else. Learning to swim “masterfully” means an investment now that pays off over a lifetime. The actual cost of classes turns into just pennies over time when you think of how long the skill of swimming well will serve and enrich your student’s life. Soccer doesn’t do that!

The school year has started, fall sports are resuming, and there are a lot of changes happening this time of year.  Swimming year round provides your child with a consistent outlet.  Swimming becomes something that is familiar for them and something they can look forward to. There may be other fall sports right now, but swimming is the only lifesaving sport!  Knowing how to swim well is an asset that will benefit your children for the rest of their life.
Here’s what our families say when we asked why they make swim lessons a priority year-round:


The ability to swim 300 yards nonstop dramatically lowers the possibility of drowning. Every parent wants their child to be safe, especially around water.  Although no child is ever drown-proof, swim lessons provide children with the skills to keep them safer in and around water.

2. Confidence

Setting and accomplishing goals helps kiddos develop an “I can” attitude. Confidence is a fundamental skill while learning to swim. When a child gains confidence in the pool, they continue to want to keep learning more and more. When a child has confidence in her abilities, she is more willing to try new, harder things. This sets them up for overcoming challenges in the classroom, on the playground and in social situations. How awesome is that? And truly, watching a child learn is an amazing, fun, rewarding thing for every family.

3. Discipline

Swimmers learn self-discipline, work ethic, commitment, goal setting, and how to overcome challenges. Some skills are hard and takes time for a child to master them.  Your swimmer will learn through practice and self-discipline. Your role is to support them through plateaus and celebrate with them in breakthroughs.

4. Social Skills

Through swim lessons, children learn how to interact with other children and to be a part of a class or team. Your child’s social skills will increase by learning to take turns, be patient, and respecting others all while forming strong relationships. They also learn how to celebrate the success of another and are positively challenged by the skill sets of their peers.

5. Physical Fitness

Swimming increases endurance, builds muscle strength, soothes the mind, regulates breathing and stimulates circulation. It is a wholesome activity that can be enjoyed year-round. Plus, it is so much better than sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, or being rained on in a field.

At Love to Swim School, swimmers have fun, parents see results, and coaches get to do what they love.  Everybody wins! To get kiddos to love the water, they need comfort first. Then from comfort they are ready to become safer. With swim skills that help them become safer in the water, they gain confidence. Being a confident swimmer leads to a love of swimming. What a gift that is for both parent and child. For you: peace of mind. For them: a gift for life.

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