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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

When the term “hero” is used, our current American culture leads us to immediately think of a

caped crusader fighting crime or a super human saving the planet from an incoming asteroid. But not all heroes wear capes; some wear lanyards. In fact, around water, some of the most important heroes are outfitted with a brightly colored hat, shirt, badge or tag. These heroes are tasked with the all-important duty of “Water Watcher.” If you’re not familiar with the role of a Water Watcher and you plan on attending a get-together near a body of water, take the time now to learn how to apply this potentially life-saving role to your water outings this summer.

Any time there are little ones in or around water, there should be an adult Water Watcher designated to do nothing but watch them. This person does not need special training, but must be a capable swimmer and willing to accept the role.

When implementing a designated Water Watcher system, here are the rules:

  • Designate someone who is a capable swimmer as Water Watcher. This person cannot be distracted while performing their role. They must take this role seriously and be committed to their responsibilities.
  • Provide the Water Watcher with a lanyard, badge, tag or any item that can remind adults about who is responsible for watching the kiddos.
  • Ensure that the Water Watcher sits close to and stays within an arm’s length of the kiddos, maintaining unobstructed visual supervision.
  • Rotate the duty among all available adults every 15-20 minutes, so that everyone can share in the responsibility and no one person is isolated from social activities for too long.

Unfortunately, tragedies near water often happen quickly and without warning. Many times, adults are in the area where kiddos are swimming, but no one is really focused on preventing mishaps. However, drowning is preventable, and one way to help prevent drowning is to have a qualified Water Watcher supervising at all times. A real life hero has no time for mistakes, so save a copy of the water watcher rules above and discuss them with your friends at the next pool party or water outing.

Love to Swim School is offering free Water Watcher Tags as a tool to help parents keep kids safer in and around water this summer. Visit any of our three locations to pick up your tag today.

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