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How Can Swim Lessons Prepare Your Baby for Academic Learning?

People are often surprised to learn that babies can start swim lessons as young as 6 months old. We even offer baby splash classes designed for babies younger than that. They will ask me, “What can they possibly be learning at that age?”

Although swim lessons are rewarding for people of all ages, younger swimmers benefit the most. The physical benefits of movement and exercise are fairly straight-forward, but swim lessons can also help you start preparing your child for school at an early age – even as a baby.

By taking swim lessons at an early age, babies start to develop skills that will prove to be beneficial when entering school:

Promote Cognitive Development and Self-Discipline

Studies show that swimmers generally do better in school, since participation in the sport teaches them other important skills including self-discipline, work ethic, commitment, goal setting and overcoming challenges.

In 2009, Griffith University embarked on a large, four-year swimming research project with 45 swim schools across Australia, New Zealand and the US – the largest study of its kind. They found that kiddos under the age of five who are involved in swim lessons are more advanced in their cognitive and physical development than their non-swimming peers (Jorgensen, Grootenboer and Funnell, 2011)*. How cool is that?

Improve Self-Confidence and Social Skills

Children learn to be confident in their capabilities by gaining new knowledge, setting goals and accomplishing these goals. In a study by Dr. Liselott Diem and her colleagues, it was determined that kiddos who took part in swim lessons from the age of two months to four years adapted better to new situations and had more confidence than non-swimmers (Diem, Undeutsch, Lehr and Olbrich, 1980)*.

By having fun learning, competing, training and being friends, young kiddos – even babies – learn how to interact with other children and to be a part of a class or team at a young age.


Swim lessons can take your kiddos to the next level while they have fun and learn important life-saving skills. Learn more about our Baby & Me swim program >>

* Studies and research cited as transcribed in “Scientific Benefits of Baby Swim Lessons” by Lana Whitehead.

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