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Drowning Prevention Tips from a Writer and Advanced RN

Helping parents know what they can do to keep their kiddos safer around the water has always been a topic close to my heart. It’s the reason I do what I do.

I recently came across an article written by an advanced registered nurse, Laurie Futterman. In honor of National Baby Safety Month, she brings to light studies that state drowning is the second-most common cause of death for kiddos up to 18 years – taking more than 1,000 kiddos’ lives each year. Most frightening of all, babies, ages 1 to 4, continue to be the number one population of drowning deaths.

Laurie continues to share what, when and why kiddos are susceptible to such life-threatening incidents and what parents can do to prevent drownings.

Read Laurie Futterman’s article.

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Use the School Year to Prepare for Summer Fun and Safety

So many of our families choose to swim year round, and I think they are super smart to make this investment in their children’s life skills.

No one ever grows up and regrets being a good swimmer. In fact, having great swimming skills opens up so many options in life!

Being able to swim well means:
• more work opportunities as lifeguards, instructors or coaches
• more recreation and fitness options
• more adventure and fun during travel
• more confidence in social situations around water

I have seen weak, fearful beginner swimmers start our lesson program in the fall and by summer they have the confidence and skill set to jump or fall into any body of water, rise to the surface and sustain a 10-second back float. What parent wouldn’t want their child to know this life-saving skill?

There’s no regret in investing in learning to swim. Remember, to swim well is an asset for life. Great swimming skills, practiced and honed year round become ingrained, providing you with peace of mind and them with a gift they can use for life.

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