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Comparing Different Teaching Methods

Did you know that different teaching strategies can greatly effect a child’s growth and behavior? The two main types of teaching methods are goal-dominate and child-centered. Each method has distinct ways of cultivating a child’s swimming skills. However, if not careful, using one of these methods could be risking a child’s outlook towards the water.

A goal-oriented swimming program relies heavily on fear to achieve the desired swimming skills. From the child’s view, a goal-oriented program will paint the water as an enemy – forcing the child to quickly and fervently learn the needed skill. This aggressive method may seem harsh at first, but is sometimes initially needed when the child needs to learn swimming techniques on a rigid time-frame, or for survival situations. As useful as this may be for garnering solid performance, this will eventually create a tense environment. The child will progress, not for a love of swimming, but because they fear the water and the repercussions from their teachers if they fail.

Instead of using force and coercion to progress a child’s swimming technique, a child-oriented swimming program focuses on love and encouragement. The child comes first and their progression is done at his or her pace within a flexible timeline. Basing a child’s progression on their readiness calls for gentle guidance and patience from the instructor. Looking for ways to engage the child in fun, playful learning experiences will build trust and a willingness for a child to participate in new activities or learn new skills.  In a child-centered program, the child will associate the water with happy, fun experiences – without much tension and stress.

Goal-oriented swim programs places the teacher in a dominant, no-nonsense role that could reinforce fear or anxiety in a child. Child-oriented swim programs will facilitate bonding and learning through gentle guidance. The child will acquire essential swimming techniques at their own pace while also being a happy kiddo. And that’s what we all want – happy kiddos.

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