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Babies Love To Swim

It’s that time of the year again; warmer weather is near and family vacations are on the horizon. Have you thought of what steps you should take to prepare for your baby’s safety in the water?

If your primary concern is that your child is too young to learn to swim or to be near a large body of water, it is truly never too early to start swim lessons! Many swim programs offer baby lessons that can help jump start your babies water safety as early as 6 weeks old! Benefits of baby swim lessons include:

  • Serves as a bonding experience between parent and child
  • Builds an understanding relationship with water at an early age
  • Eases baby into the water while increasing activity levels
  • Boosts baby’s confidence
  • Builds his/her strength

Studies have shown that the stimulated effects of child-paced swim lessons can increase concentration abilities, physical development and overall intelligence. Individuals who incorporate swimming into their lifestyle, especially at a young age, have also shown to have significantly better moods due to the cognitive relaxation provided by the water’s natural buoyancy.

So, enrolling your baby in swim lessons can improve their overall mental, physical and emotional health! How cool is that?

To learn more about all of the awesome ways babies benefit from swimming, visit USA Swimming.Org.

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