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Frustrated with Progress?

New Skills Take Time to Master.

When is the last time you tried to learn something totally new? Do you remember how long it took until you felt like you could at least fake your way through it? I sure do.

It’s interesting the expectations some have for children learning to swim. There is nothing similar in life’s daily experiences that imitates swimming. All you can really do to learn to swim is in fact be in the water practicing the skills you learn in lessons. At least with sports like baseball and soccer you can see the endless hours of backyard catch or kicking paying off in practice or games.

Children learn to swim at their own pace very much like they learn to read or play an instrument. Learning to swim is a physical and mental process during which swimmers may appear to regress or to reach a plateau. This is not the time to pull them out of lessons. This is the time to persevere. They are about to reach a milestone. It always happens. Just when kiddos get frustrated they make new strides. Patience and persistence is key to true swimming mastery.

Swimming is a skill sport and learning to swim is a journey, not an event. We are teaching it the right way the first time so when students leave our program they are able to use their swimming skills for lifelong fitness and fun. Some skills take a lot of drilling and practice. Please be patient. Your investment will payoff for a lifetime.


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