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Thankful for Being in the Swim Industry

I love my swim school and the swim education industry. Really, I am so lucky to get to do what I do. Every day I get to witnesses some milestone accomplished, some challenge overcome, some personal victory celebrated.

One of the core values in our swim school is to improve lives, and our company vision says, “We understand what we do makes a profound difference in the world”. I’ve been told, many times, “Come on, Mary. It’s just swimming lessons.” Those doubters lack vision. They don’t see what we see. They don’t get that every day, in small and big ways, we have an opportunity to be a hero to someone.

Although all of that is awesome, our privilege in teaching kiddos to swim is compounded by the fact that the parents trust us. Each week parents hand us what I call their two most precious things: their child and their money. As a mommy owned and operated company, we respect that so much because we know there is risk involved with trusting. Truly, we are so honored to be trusted by our families.

Most importantly, I love that parents allow swim schools and coaches the opportunity to be an everyday hero for their kiddos! Swim lessons have such a huge impact in the lives of kiddos – let’s keep them safer around water!

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