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Are Your Kiddos Swim-Ready Year Round?

Keep your kiddos in the water practicing year round and know the layers of protection. Keep your kiddos safe with this approach borrowed from Swim Australia:

  1. Be Aware. Don’t let the children out of your sight. Keep constant supervision no matter a child’s age or ability; all non-swimmers and children under six, must be within arm’s reach of a responsible, active adult. Never leave your child/ren unattended, even if they can swim. Regularly practice the house rule: “I only go swimming with an adult!”
  2. Be Secure. Keep fences and gates locked tight. Pool fences and gates need to be regularly inspected. Objects and potential climbing aids like potted plants, chairs and overhanging tree branches must be removed to avoid climbing temptation.
  3. Be Confident. Learn to swim and how to get to safety. Maintaining year round swimming lessons and practicing water safety skills is imperative, but should never be substituted for proper supervision and barriers.
  4. Be Prepared. Always have a plan in case of an emergency. Check the pool and other waterways first if a child is missing, then inspect bedrooms, cupboards and other cubby areas.

Using layers like a safety net, help prevent an incident, or enable someone to act appropriately, in the event of an accident. The idea is, if one layer fails, the remaining active layers will fall into place, and potentially help save a child’s life.

For example, if the barriers are down, then the child’s safety skills should initially help him, should he fall into the water / or if his skills are poor, then adult supervision will be on hand to immediately assist.

No matter a child’s swimming ability, any time spent away from the water – ie. during winter – can affect his capacity to stay afloat, swim and survive. If your child – regardless of age – doesn’t swim during the cooler months, then there’s a good chance he will lose his touch for the water.

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