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Did You Know? Kicking is the Motor!

The fundamental skill of kicking is critical for proficient swimming. A strong, propulsive kick seems easy enough, but many children struggle with this fundamental skill. A propulsive kick requires rhythm, balance, and abdominal strength.

What is particularly hard about mastering this skill is there is no “land skill” that mirrors the muscle movement of horizontal kicking. Never fear, there are several activities you can practice at home with your kiddos to help them succeed!

Here are a couple of options:

  • Have your child lie on the end of his bed with the bottom of his knee cap at the edge. Practice kicking on his front and back. Make sure the kick is coming from the hip (not the knee) and limit how wide the kick can be (six inches max).
  • Ask your swimmer to walk around the house with “Frankenstein” legs. The walk should be straight-legged with all movement originating from the hips. This will help create the “memory” of where the kick should come from. Plus, it’s a blast!

Do you have ways you practice with your swimmers at home? I’d love to hear about it!

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