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Reinforce Safety Skills at Home: Practice, Talk and Protect

Safety skills are only truly skills if our children access them in real-life situations outside of swim class. Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Practice. When you take your kiddos to the pool, give them an opportunity to show off their back floats and rollovers. Avoid the doggie paddle and practice rollovers for breath and rest. This single habit could save your child’s life!
  2. Talk. Discuss what your swimmers should do if they find themselves in a water emergency. These conversations should look and sound like those you have about what to do if there is a fire or a stranger. Make sure your kiddos know what is expected of them.
  3. Protect. Pool gates only work if they’re locked, and supervision only works if you never look away. Ensure your kiddos learn to swim for an added layer of protection.

Remember – learning to swim takes time and patience, and no one is ever drown proof. What do you do in your home to make sure your kiddos know how to react to real-life situations?

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