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Keep Water Time Safe and Fun

Summer is here and water safety is a top priority. Whether you’re water skiing, fishing, lounging on the beach or enjoying a game of Marco Polo, it’s critical that you’re aware of where children are at all times and employ water safety techniques.

Assess Water Risks
Always be aware of the risks associated with water. There is no such thing as being “drown proof”, but awareness and vigilance help keep water activities fun and safe for the whole family.

Common Items Can Be Used as Safety Devices
Keep some of these items nearby to use as safety devices if needed:

  • Shepard’s Hook
  • Rope
  • Lifesaver
  • Floatation Devices
  • Pool Noodles
  • Towel

Designate a Water Watcher
Any time there are children in or around water, there should be an adult Water Watcher designated to do nothing but watch the children. This person can not be distracted and is solely responsible for the kiddos’ safety. Give the Water Watcher on duty some sort of identifier (e.g. A neon-colored hat or a vest, whistle, etc.) to indicate that he/she is watching the kiddos and should not be distracted in any way.

Are you in the San Antonio area? Stop by any Love to Swim School for a free Water Watcher Tag.


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