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See What Love Can Do!

Last week, I had two awesome experiences that I wanted to share with you.

First, there was a mommy in the gym with her toddler taking advantage of Open Gym. She said, “Are you Mary?” and then preceded to tell me how great our school was, how much she loved the programs, how the people on our team made her feel welcome and comfortable every time she came in. She felt like the gym program was a great value and gave us some advice on who she thought we should market to. Her warmth and passion for our place, our team, our efforts was very moving. And unsolicited! Awesome!

The next day, another mother approached me and asked again, “Are you Mary?”. This time the woman let me know that she was a fellow Chicagoan, and that she wanted me to know how grateful she was for our school. Her daughter is a perfectionist and struggles a lot with change and self-esteem. She said she thinks about me all the time (whoa) and that she has sat down to email me several times, but she could never figure out exactly what it was she wanted to say. Every month she prays to have the money to afford our lessons and every month, somehow, God provides. She loves the way the team of people who work at Love to Swim make her feel welcome and comfortable. There were tears in her eyes as she went on about her love for our staff, our program, our facility. And, naturally, there were tears in mine as well. Again, unsolicited!

Now, what is my point? We really have no idea of the impact our every  day movement through the world has. Just let that sink in. These women went out of there way to give me the feedback they did.

See what love can do?


PS—one kind of freaky detail—both moms were named Melissa and both kiddos were named Grace. Whoa.

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