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teammatesTeams work together to accomplish goals and make good things happen for each other. Think of all the examples of teams that you have in your lives—teams of family members, work buds, school buds, friends, fellow Americans. Hopefully you choose carefully who you allow on your team. Your teammates can make you or break you—depending on whether they are just “on the team” or “teammates”.

Here are a few thoughts from an article by Joe Ehrmann comparing being on a team vs. being a teammate:

  • Being on a team benefits your personal goals and ambitions. Being a teammate benefits the goals and ambitions of your team and teammates.
  • Being on the team can make you a bystander. Teammates intervene in the lives and actions of their teammates.
  • Being on the team involves personal effort. Being a teammate involves the efforts of every player.
  • Being on the team means doing what is asked of you. Being a teammate is doing whatever is needed for the team to succeed.
  • Sometimes players on a team like one another; teammates respect one another.
  • Sometimes players on a team bond together because of a shared background or compatible personalities; teammates bond together because they recognize every player is needed to accomplish the goal of the team.
  • Sometimes players on a team are energized by emotions; teammates energize one another out of commitment.

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