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Why Back Floating Is So Important

Back floating is important because:
1. It is the fundamental skill that could save your child’s life.
2. It is a building block for propulsive horizontal rollovers – another lifesaving skill.
3. It allows us to eventually construct a fluid, sustainable freestyle.
4. It is the foundation skill of the backstroke.

Children often struggle with back floats because:
1. Most water play is done in a prone position, therefore children don’t spend much time playing or practicing on their backs.
2. Being on their backs in water is often foreign to children, they will struggle with body position, and question their own buoyancy. This can cause them to get water up their nose or in their face.
3. Water entering the ears in the back position can be a strange sensation, making kiddos uncomfortable and reluctant to learn.

You can help your swimmer be a masterful back-floater by:
1. Providing lots of opportunities to practice. Open Swim time is great for practicing hard skills and showing off mastered ones!
2. Use the bathtub! Practicing lying back in a relatively small, controlled area can do a lot for a reluctant back-floater. This is especially great practice for getting used to having water in the ears.
3. Relaxation is key. Tight bodies have a hard time floating. Swimmers should try to relax on the their back with all of their hair hidden under the water. The top of the water should touch the corners of their eyes. Head should be inline with the spine and eyes should look straight up. No monkey cheeks! Encourage normal breathing.

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Why I Do What I Do…

As many of you know, I teach people of all ages how to swim. This is a letter I recently received from a parent:

“Just wanted to thank you for all you do to teach my children to swim. We just moved to a new house with a pool. Our second time out to swim, Nicole (the 2-year-old) got too far from the side. When she realized she wasn’t going to make it back to the wall she pushed her head back trying to float and started yelling help (glug, glug) help! It gave me the seconds I needed to grab her back to safety. I thank you for that!  Baby Noelle is coming soon…. And Natalie (5) is such a strong swimmer it helps me to keep my eyes on the other two. Thanks!!”

These are the kinds of accomplishments that remind me of why I do what I do. I firmly believe that every child should learn the lifesaving skill of swimming. Thank you to all the parents out there that are ensuring their child’s safety by providing him or her with the tools they need to learn how to swim!

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Reasons to Teach Your Babies to Swim

Baby Swim ClassDid you know that babies can begin swim lessons at as young as six months of age? This is awesome! There are so many ways babies can benefit from such early exposure to swim lessons and water. Here are the top five reasons I think babies should swim:

  1. Increase strength. Babies can exercise more muscles in the water; they are less restricted by gravity and their inability to sit or stand. Increased strength often manifests itself in early acquisition of physical skills, like walking.
  2. Jump start swimming skills. Early mastery of water movement gives children a head start in learning basic swimming skills.
  3. Eat and sleep better. Warm water, combined with gentle exercise, relaxes babies and stimulates their appetites. They usually sleep better on swimming days!
  4. Build self-confidence. As babies learn to maneuver in the water, their independence and self-confidence blossom (as evidenced by the ear-to-ear grins stretching across their faces).
  5. Prevent Drowning. Learning to swim is not only a fun, healthy activity, it is a necessary life skill in the prevention of drowning.

If you are interested in baby swim lessons, read about how to prepare your baby for successful swim lessons.

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